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Top Ten Secret Kitchen Design Tips You Can Try

Kitchen Design Tips: Everything is in the details! Who knows why, but I’m just starting to think about how small, pesky, planning details if overlooked, can cause pain and grief if left untreated. OK, “top secret” perhaps just a little bit but not much!

I came up with these planning secrets, largely unknown to the typical consumer, the top of my head, and believe me, there is much more than I should be aware of as I go slowly and carefully on the modification a kitchen planner for the last time before placing the order “to bed” as I call it, at what point there is no more time for changes.

Kitchen Design

The plant begins to produce order, and the results of these planning exercises are known…. after installation.
There may be things nightmares are made, if only the thought, say, production assistant, or as a surprise, during installation! Here are some of DET

1. Size (width) of window frames and door – If the cabinet must pass between, for example, a wall and a window size of the envelope window are critical. Also, Rack mounts between window frames or door. Guts to be changed? What size and its impact on housing?

2. The case and the bump strips – Will be capping crown molding and window or door casings collide? It’s not fair! Check the floor, mobile, and the roof of points.

3. There is enough space on the wall designed dishes, especially when walking in the room? If the cabinets high harmonize the door, he found space/depth of the dishes provided, even if they are cut side of the cabinet? Trouble let me share with you:

4. A height of the backsplash – What is the right height for you? This can be adjusted, unless it is due to a height of column, but should be planned in advance. Are you tall? Or you have a support apparatus for a long time? Another critical area to watch.

5. Floor Level – Your word jumped, as most are? If you create decorative feet, valances, details of plinth or columns that reach the ground? If so, these points and is too short, you will experience first hole cabinets installed in High Point on the floor … so that the hollow floor is where you can see the holes. The lockers at the weak points are stacked with spacers so the top of all cabinets is level to receive a counter level.

6. Microwave – Do not assume it can be easily integrated into the well to look great, tight. Many adjustment microwave equipment to be used or guarantees are not effective. I have not found any microwave that can be built well, ever.

Kitchen Design Tips

7. Large sinks – If you like big sinks, but be careful with the depth that is front to back, and if undercounted, add the size of the tire to determine if the faucet will fit under the counter. More and more recently, I sink bases deeper to accommodate these large sinks. This effect is also adjacent cabinet!

8. Cook top and oven brands on the other – In this configuration, are sure to use the same brand of the device. In general, if two different labels are used, each warranty does not apply. A bad scene…

9. Lineages – lineages are misleading. If you do not use the same characters of the stove hood (it is usually possible) configuration on the Work Plan does not fit the height or depth dimension of the cooking surface below the ceiling, which is a combination of installing. Something to check.

10. from closets ends? We … I hate little slices of the wall, or 1-2. “I think it’s in bad taste. I like to keep at least 3 1 / 2″, more typically, 4 “, at least between the cabinet and the door frame, for example.

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