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Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas: What will you do if your perfect bathroom design plan is bigger than space you actually have? Instead of tearing down the wall to make up for that much-needed space, why not use these simple yet effective ideas to make your bathroom design look bigger?

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas For You

How To Get A Simple Bathroom Design? We have a few ideas for you to have a simple bathroom design, so here it is.

Multi-purpose cabinet and display shelf

One cabinet with display shelf that is both functional and decorative are enough for your bathroom design plan. Use thin and long cabinet to create an illusion of open space. Maximize the wall by going long instead of going wide.

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Choose The Simple Floor

There are lots of options for your bathroom floor design. Each has its own pros and cons. Picking the right bathroom floor surface for your design should, however, be based on factors such as safety, maintenance, and overall theme of the bathroom. Learn about your different bathroom floor surfaces before choosing which one you should you pick for your bathroom design.


it may be a quite expensive bathroom floor option but the mood and effect it sets to the entire bathroom design make it worth the cost. Hardwood also creates a cohesive look if it is your choice flooring for your entire house. When you opt for hardwood bathroom floor design, coat it with clear gloss sealant to keep it watertight.

Best Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether you are making a new bathroom or remodeling the existing one, a good bathroom wall design should be one of your top priorities. Deciding what materials to be used for your bathroom walls is not an easy task though. You have lots of materials to choose from and virtually endless possibilities of design and pattern combination. The question now is: where to start?

Start by knowing your options for bathroom wall design. Tile has long been a popular choice for the bathroom wall. It can be made of marble, limestone, vinyl, ceramic porcelain, granite, terrazzo, terra cotta, slate, stone, and glass among others. Take note of the advantages and disadvantages of each and the different effects each type of tile creates to your bathroom.

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