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Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas: A Mediterranean kitchen can be one of the most dramatic areas in your house. The whole family will truly appreciate the similar feeling of being close to tranquil shores and the warm sun. You need to know the basic materials and colors to create the perfect environment though. Here are some tips on how to design your rustic and elegant kitchen.

Mediterranean Kitchen Design For You

Choosing the Right Color
If you’re planning to have Greece’s captivating environment, blue and white are great combinations. These colors will create the soothing sense of being close to the Aegean Sea. Use lime whitewash on countertops, some parts of the floor or tabletops. Windows and doors usually have wooden borders so you may paint these blue or green. The main idea is to make a beautiful contrast with the solid light color.

Creating an atmosphere reminiscent to that of Portugal in your Mediterranean kitchen requires more colors like blue, green, purple, pink, yellow and some of the earth hues. Your goal is to copy the beautiful gardens and vineyards so green and flower colors are vital. You may want to experiment with lavender and yellow. A flower mural is satisfactory in this design. Earth-color tiles will provide a good contrast with the bright tones.

Best Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean Kitchen Design, a Mediterranean kitchen tries to infuse both a warm yet assuasive feel so if the earth tones and bright colors begin to make the room appear too hot, neutralize with pastel colors like lime, sky blue, and cream. Open windows act as neutralizers too by bringing in cool air and displaying the blue sky and greens outside.

Items to Add
Clay, ceramic and photomosaic are common items found in Mediterranean kitchens. Because of the warm effect created by the earth colors, ceramics are important to neutralize and add a cool atmosphere. Mosaics are best placed on spots where they stand out immediately like countertops and above the sink. You may leave clay pots in one part as a display. Wooden utensils and kitchen items are preferred over stainless steel ones.

Mediterranean Kitchen Design For Your Kitchen

Natural stones and unpolished marble are perfect for sinks and countertops in your Mediterranean kitchen. You can also invest in a few antique lighting fixtures like a hanging lamp or sconces to get that rustic look. Candle holders are very spectacular too especially when preparing a romantic dinner. Avoid heavy drapes on the windows and allow as much light as you can. White silk or cotton is effective as curtains.

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