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How to Keep the Kitchen Cool for This Summer

Keep the Kitchen Cool for This Summer?

Kitchen Air Circulation: Improvnate or reduce long range oven use by planning meals that involve the use of different cooking appliances such as microwaves, speed cook or convection ovens, crock-pots, electric skillets etc.

Use low heat appliances for cooking: If you must cook in the evenings for a hot evening meal, think about using low heat appliances to prepare your meals. Crockpots and microwaves are great ways of cooking dinner without heating up the kitchen in the process.

Kitchen Cool in summer

Run the dishwasher at night: Even insulated dishwashers generate heat during the washing process. Instead of washing dishes after dinner, program the dishwasher to run late at night. For those cooks without a dishwasher, let the dishes soak overnight and tackle them in the morning.

cool kitchen

Consider the where the sun sets on your house: Use your oven either in the morning or the evening, depending on when your kitchen is cooler. In our old house, the sun set on a huge bay window in our kitchen. I tried to use my oven in the morning to minimize the effects of the afternoon sun.

Solar Oven: I think we all made one of these in girl scouts, but this has become one of my husband’s dream projects. From what I have read they really do work, and the food tastes pretty good. My only complaint, what will the neighbors think? I mean we already have 7 bikes, 3 scooters, 4 nerf guns, 2 soccer balls, a pair of shoes, one glove, and a crock pot in our front yard. Do we need to add an oven?

Air Dry: The oven isn’t the only thing that can heat up a kitchen, the dishwasher can also heat up a kitchen. Open the door at the end of the rinse cycle and let the dishes air dry.

Turn the lights off: Many kitchens are now equipped with multiple light sources. On hot days use only one light and keep the rest off. The extra lamps can help heat up the room and make it feel like you’re baking in the summer sun.

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