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Great Ideas for a Modern Kitchen, Solutions to Change the Look

Great Ideas for a Modern Kitchen: When you have an old kitchen and no one wants, for now, make the increased expense of a new installation, you can use small partial solutions that change the look of the kitchen and improve the functional aspect. We imagined some resources that will renovate the kitchen and make it more practical or pretty.

Modern Kitchen

Painted tiles

To form a frame or ceiling glazed earthenware, a sink or sink, will be a good choice for a kitchen decoration put some tiles that form the frame and decorated with detail, smooth frame other tiles, thus breaking the monotony of the coating of a single color.

An original idea

It can be done with an old stool. It raises the seat and instead placed a box in which you can put flowers or plants and some Hier Basse Cas (sentences for example), then closing it with a glass or better yet, Plexiglas, as this will serve as a seat original furnishings and decorative in a kitchen. Naturally, they repainted the legs of the stool.

A decorative ceiling

By way of support or frame behind the sink at an angle which falls in the sink and worktop. In a ceiling painted with a matte painting can glue some flowers, leaves or branches that have been previously dried and pressed. Then be protected with a crystal in the angles will have practiced the necessary holes so that it can be fixed to the wall or ceiling, using screws provided oval illos chrome. Head screws are chrome.

Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

A folding table

In a small kitchen decoration, you may want to install a folding work bench, to be completed with a seat that can be attached to the wall.

Some practical wardrobes

In a small size, the kitchen can be studied the placement of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors opening which will not lead to a decrease in the small kitchen space.

Some older panels

From an old cupboard or a carving knife may be used to cover gaps in a work whose material cabinet, lower quality, will never have the presence of such panels in the furnishings, especially for fixation have been used the same hinges and decorative items already available to the original furniture.

Kitchen lighter

The old kitchen floors are often meager and poorly lit, besides being a very high ceiling, so that more resemble a well than a kitchen. It is a solution: building a false ceiling of the slatted base, wooden tables, frosted glass or translucent polystyrene plates. The lower ceiling, not only will an improvement in the ratio of dimensions, but to others, to conceal the existence of several fluorescent lights up perfectly, and every hour, leaving a pleasant decoration kitchen.

If you only have a radio

It may install an additional speaker in the kitchen to keep from it broadcasts that you want to listen. The speaker can hide or disguise, for example, in a portfolio for knives or spoons.

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