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Create A Sensual Living Room

Create A Sensual Living Room: When you want to create a simple and clean living room, White colors usually will be your first priority. So what about some exotic colors which can boost your desire and sensuality? The color is always connected with psychology, create a sexy living room design, you must consider the harmony of all components in the rooms.

Red is usually identified with bold and vivid. An aggressive interpret color, charm, sensuality, and passion. Applications red is often associated with the level of a person’s sexuality. Women with accessories, clothes and make up the red represent the degree of sexuality. Therefore, a woman dressed in red tend to be more attractive than other colors. This also applies to the field of the interior. The concept of a sensual and sexy room will usually be dominated by the choice of red and floral accents. Red on the wall, for example, will usually narrow space. However, the color red can strengthen the visual object. Therefore, the red color matching is also used as accents, and red will give you a sense of dominance.

Create Sensual Living Room For You

A Sensual Living Room: Is romantic feel then will appear after you paint the room a purple? Not necessarily. Decorating the walls in the room that was to be complementary and in line with the color scheme.

Purple and lavender
Providing the color purple in a room does not necessarily make the room memorable romantic because it takes more than just a mere wall decorations. Purple is a combination of blue and red. With the selection of appropriate supplemental ornaments, purple colors can be fitted to your sensual room.

Best Create A Sensual Living Room

However, there are some important points in addition to colors that also need attention. Color can be a background of the concept of space. Add a floral accent to your sensual space. This motif can give the feel feminine and romantic. In addition, the lighting factor is also an important component. Do not use lighting with a bright light and white, but use a light yellow that seemed more dramatic.

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