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Asian Bathroom Design Ideas

Asian Bathroom Design Ideas: A Chinese Emperor may have a bathroom the size of the White House, while other Asians of ancient past may have a waterfall just for the sake of decoration. Of course, it may apply to some countries with a hierarchy today, but any regular Asian, especially their bathroom designers would find the best of the East and West to give off a flourish of designs that can capture both worlds, especially on Asian bathroom design.

Asian design in bathrooms is a hugely popular medium for most interior designers, and nothing left to the imagination as they add various items that are not too much on the bathroom owner’s wallet. Lighting, mirrors, tubs, showers, sinks, they try to be unique while avoiding the trap of overbearing. Considering a continent that is rich with water, they practically make bathing an involuntary trait to them, thus the need to provide an elegant, yet inexpensive approach.

Best Asian Bathroom Design Ideas

For most homes, Asian bathroom design consists of lights, mainly overhead lamps and sconce that add a unique flair. Although fluorescent lamps are part of the lighting fixtures, they often use soft-glow types that give off a cooler light rather than incandescent bulbs.

The main layout for the bathroom was inspired by most American and European designs, added to a more Asian flair that would call their own. Screens and more vibrant colors when it comes to the floor tiles and walls gives off an optical illusion of having more room. Although some Asian bathroom designs would resemble a 4-star hotel in terms of modern elegance, the very essence of the design is simply derived from nature. Some flora is introduced, while waterproof wallpaper with bamboo prints give color to the walls. This can also include wood tiles and mahogany from other Asian countries for the countertop and a small armoire.

How To Get Asian Bathroom? The main shower area and tub are designed depending on the country of origin, which can be circular like the Japanese or wide like the Chinese. Of course the rich would introduce a small above-ground pool for the main purpose of soaking in hot water, as well as lavish it off with some orchids to create a more natural look. With the mixture of both modern and classic, most modern jet-streamed tubs are placed in a central location, according to the feng-shui belief that the center is the very heart that revolves around everything.

Asian Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Simple fixtures, mainly of faucets, showerheads, and booths may sometimes be imported, while designs from local bathroom designers are inspired by using the available floor space of a typical Asian home. This is well suited for small bathrooms that upon entering would have everything within arm’s reach without too much clutter. For the wall to place a mirror to, they can be large, considering the vanity of most Asians and how they can be conscious about their looks. The decoration is revolved mainly of plants, with some wood for frames and screens and a large portion is concentrated.

Asian Bathroom Design Ideas For You

The decoration is revolved mainly of plants, with some wood for frames and screens and a large portion is concentrated simply on the floor. Tiles sold in Asia have several patterns, which custom made ones can be ordered like that of a jigsaw puzzle, to create a mosaic effect.

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Although a number of American homes may have a touch of European and American styles, the Asian bathroom décor is becoming a big hit, considering the need to have a bathroom with all the necessary items and fixtures without walking too much. The Asian bathroom design is for those with small homes, yet emphasizes mainly on the bathroom as the centerpiece.


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